Registration is OPEN!!

Oldham Lacrosse Club is trying to field two girls teams in 2024. Please register your daughter below. Fees will be charged once we have enough players register and you will be invoiced at a later date.

We are looking forward to getting the girls program up and running again!!

Season information


Lacrosse has a main season in the spring that begins in February and runs through May. OLC plays fall ball and winter ball to supplement the spring season.

  • September-October: fall ball and minimal outdoor practice
  • October-February: indoor games and minimal indoor practices
  • February: regular season practice will begin, may be indoors dependent on weather
  • March-May: outdoor practices and league season begins,

To register for a girl’s program go to : HERE
All girls are welcome regardless of race, ethnicity, or physical or financial ability. Please see scholarship section if financial assistance is needed or contact the board treasurer.


Membership in this club shall be limited to residents of Oldham County, Kentucky or those administrators, players, or coaches as specifically approved for membership by the Board of Directors. OLC reserves the right to allow people from neighboring communities, upon approval by the OLC Board, to participate in OLC sponsored programs. OLC does not have tryouts or cuts. If player enrollment allows for multiple teams, it will be at the discretion of the coaches and/or board members for player placement based on grade, age, and skill level.

Code of Conduct
Multi-Sport Participation